I have been on the 75 mcg/h Fentanyl for around a couple of years. One problem I have is it will not stay on for the 72 hour period it is supposed to do. The second problem is it does not not seem to work to suppress pain for the same time period, a couple of trips to the ER for withdraw is anything but fun, so what do I do? My pain Doctor seems do be a nice guy, but the las time the withdraw all he did was prescribe me with something called ondansetron which was supposed to help me feel some better with the withdraw. The main reason I agreed to go on the patch was to get off the pain pills. Now I'm starting to wonder which is the better for pain, the patch or the pills. I was on pain pills over the last decade from a host of different doctors, most whom thought that all I wanted was a cheap hi. I finally found one doctor who found after a bunch of testing I had something called fibromyalgia, chronic gout along with a kind of gouty artrightis, (hope I spelled that right) and a couple of other things I've never heard of. But the main thing was he found the pain was real and I was not faking it. My biggest concern is that the patches don't appear to be stopping the pain like they did in the beginning. I'm not sure if the patch isn't strong enough to stop the pain any longer.