Hi, I am a newbie. I wanted some info about Fentanyl patch. I recently got prescribed 25 mcg for 48hrs on 15th of Oct. That patch did nothing so the Doc said to add another patch but keep it for 72 hrs. Well it has now been 11 days and I am unsure of the patch. The reasons why I am unsure is the side effects of W/D when I need to get off of it. IS THERE ANY OTHER PAIN MEDS BESIDES THE PATCH THAT WILL PROVIDE LONGER RELIEF? Also pls tell about your experience about the patch you have or had incl any side effects. Any advise or info will be greatly aprreciated!

Obtw, I was on Oxycodone 10mg but was taking 2 at once, so totaling 20mgs every 4-6 hrs prior to him prescribing the patch. He also added Oxycodone 10mg 3 max aday for breakthrough pain.

Pls help, I dont want a bad W/D from the patch nor I want to be addicted to it. Are these highly addictive? And wuts a long time frame?

I am seeing a pain doc due to bad surgery back in Jan of 2010. Its still a ongoing battle to find out what went wrong. So, they advised me to see a pain doc.