I suffer from 2 herniated discs in lower back and nerve pain and was prescribed by my PM doc fentanyl 25 patches and Norco 10/325 for BT. I am currently out of town and will not return until Monday, and just realized that my patch fell off as I was sleeping last night. It is my last patch that I have with me and the last patch until I see my doc on Tuesday. Is there anyway I can tape the patch back on until I get home? I do have an emergency patch at home, but like I said, I am out of town. I can take the norco, but hate the way it makes me feel sometimes. I have a lot of walking ahead of me today and tomrw and need to be pain free! Will taping the patch back on work? It's only been about 6 to 8 hrs, but the patch is already dry and won't stick (which is why I'm using the tape). Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!