I have been using 50mcg Fentanyl patches for at least 6 months with so-so success. My average daily pain level is between a 6 or 7, which I don't like, but I live with. (I don't want to increase my daily dose of narcotics any more that I have to.) Lately, I have been having some worsening pain late in the evenings bringing my pain level to a 10, which I consider the same as natural childbirth. I have talked briefly with my Pain Mgmnt Dr about this and he wants me to keep things as the status quo.
I have some Subutex 8mg tablets that didn't work too well for me last year. (My system wasn't absorbing the medication sublingually completely). On these horrible evenings, however, I have come close to trying the Subutex, but I don't want to compound my problems with the Subutex throwing my into withdrawls... will it??? Or am I getting it confused with Suboxone? Any advise would be welcomed.