My husband had major spine surgery in April 2012 then contracted MRSR after getting a steroid injection in August which put him back in the hospital and on IV antibiotics for 6 weeks. Over the course of all these months he was on so many narcotics many did nothing to releive his pain. He had been taking 10/325 percocet which seemed to be the only one that helped, his Dr. wants him to start getting off any narcotics and just put him on 25 mcg/h Fentanyl patch. He just started Friday night but he is trying to find out if the dosage of Fentanyl is equivlent to what his dosage was on percocet. He is not convinced this patch is going to help and is exhausted with dealing with this debilitating pain. He was much further along with his recovery from spine surgery but this last incident has him so down. Can anyone offer any input