Hello everyone!
Its been a while since I post here, well things are going well with my meds I am down to 4-5 norco a day, I didn't work well with the percoset it was making me have dizziness that would not go away.
since the new stuff that was done to my back my doc decided to put me on the fentanyl patch at 25mg but I asked him to start me slow so he gave the 12 mg.
today is my first day and I have not notice any change in the pain lvl but I am so so sleepy wow I had 2 cups of coffee and Im still half way awake! will this ever go away?
is it true that I wont OD or something bad will happen if I continue to take the Norco 4-5 a day?
is there anything I can do to combat the groogyness?
Thanks for your help!
God bless you all :D