Well I am on the patch for severe pain flare ups. My family doctor knows my medical history and he prescribed this knowing my medication DX. He also knows the pain I am in and there is nothing they can do at his hospital (VA). I will now be going for more surgical and orthopedic consults for back and hip pain. My question...
I am sure I will go through withdrawal of this medication, any suggestions?
I am sure I will have to go through surgery to correct the rod in my back which may be causing some of the pain (because it may have come loose). The pain management doctors sent me to physical therapy and when they poked around on my back, it created a flare which I tried to get treatment at a local hospital, but they were out of beds so I went home and piled on the voltaren gel until my doctor put me on the patch. The patch helps but will that be a problem with surgery? How do you think the docs will handle this?
I have degenerative joint/disk disease which they say is not 'active'. I have a rod in my L4-5 level and severe hip pain. which I am sure is caused by something going on with the rod (I can feel it when I move around) and the screw I think also need adjusting (touching the screw area cause really severe pain). Any advise?