I just started pain management. The doctor wrote a perscription for fentanly patch. I have been on roxycodone for the past 10 years for RSD. This works for me. I take 20 mg. every 6-7 hours. I have been on this same dose for years, but no one wants to perscribe these meds anymore. I am so afraid to start this patch. Dr. said absolutely no other meds with the patch and yet I've been reading that almost everyone is taking breakthrough meds. She put me on 12 mcg every 3 days. This sounds like a very strong medication. I don't want to do it. I just want the pills that work. Everything I've read it sounds like drs. are putting patients on this patch because their current meds aren't working, she's putting me on this because she says roxycodone is highly addictive and highly abused. I'm in MA if anybody out there lives in Ma and is having these problems with drs. write back. I'm going out of my mind with this.