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On fentanyl patch 25. Is it ok to take hydrocodone 10mg until the other starts to work?

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kaismama 15 Mar 2013

Yes in fact the Dr should have ordered something short acting for you to take. You will probably need the Fentanyl increased from the starting dose.

mhelcl 15 Mar 2013

Yes, I am currently on Fentanyl patch 50 mcg every 48 hours and 12 Norcos 10/325 (24h). It is a great combination and very effective for pain control.

Angela1227 28 Mar 2013

Yes it is ok to add the hydrocodone 10 mg however you should consider speaking with your prescribing physician to have your current pain level re-evaluated and your medication effectiveness also re-evaluated. If you have chronic intractable pain and are not getting good pain control from your current medications - then you need to have a discussion with your physician to discuss some alternatives - maybe you need different medications or an increase in the fentanyl patch - they come in many strengths up to 100 ugh strength and the doctor can prescribe you to change your patch every 3 days or every 2 days or every day and are you wearing a medic alert bracelet?

maxam1 9 Apr 2013

yes hydrocodone is a sufficient and effective medication to use in combination with the patch, I used a 100m patch with 2 10mg hydrocodone tabs every 6 hrs for breakthrough pain

keith123 17 Dec 2016

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