Hi I recently started the fentanyl patch 12mcg/hr 48 hours ago and haven't had any pain relief. Before I was taking oxycodone about 60mg a day to deal with chronic severe migraines. My dr wants to to try the patch along with the oxycodone 15mg as needed for pain relief. They started me on the patch before putting me on oxycotin er 20mg 2x a day to see if the the patch would work. I'm out of the oxycodone till next week so currently have nothing for break through pain. I'm I'm a severe amount of pain and can't function. I have the perscription for the oxycotin er 20mg and don't know if I should take off the patch and switch to that or leave the patch on and take the oxycotin. I haven't been able to get a hold of my dr do I'm looking for some helpful advice to manage my pain. Thank you