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Is fentanyl pain patch in the same drug class as oxycodone 30mg?

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Thor283 15 Apr 2013

They are both opiates, if that's what you mean. You can get physically and mentally hooked on either one, but I think the chances of becoming mentally dependent are greater with Oxy than with the Fentanyl patch. But I'm not sure of that. Fentanyl is also a stronger opiate than Oxy and some people say it kills their pain better, while others don't. And I don't think the Doc's actually know why this is. Everyone is different.

hummybird55 16 Apr 2013

thank you for your answers it was very helpful.

Lisk 30 Aug 2016

I was put on 2 different pain while in hospital after my knee replacement. I was allergic to both. Inside my mouth, my lips and cheeks and tongue became swollen, very sore and sensitive with fiery burning in my mouth even 9 months. After I got home from the hospital in December, my Family Doctor put me on OxyContin which worked wonderfully. However, it caused depression and loss of appetite. Losing the weight was WONDERFUL!! But lately Ive been told that OxyContin IS Fentanyl. I was curious to know if in fact I had been on the dreaded fentanyl medication. Thank you..

Thor283 31 Aug 2016

No Oxycontin is not Fentanyl. Oxycontin is a time release pill. The drug is Oxycodone. Usually sold as Roxicodone which is simply the name of the pill. The difference is any Oxycodone pill is not time released. It hits you all at once, wears off in 5 hours, and if you like the feeling it is highly addictive. This is what's known as pharmaceutical Heroin. It is not Heroin.

Now I will tell you more than you asked. Opiates are made from Opium. But after Opium they break into 2 broad groups. Some people don't do well with the Morphine group. I'm guessing that's you. It's also me. We do better with the Codeine group. Codeine goes to Hydrocodone and finally Oxycodone.

Thor283 31 Aug 2016

I forgot 1 thing. Fentanyl wears off in 30 minutes. It's nothing to dread. Oxycodone is much more to be feared. And the Oxycontin pill can stay in you 12 or more hours. Fentanyl is usually used as a fast acting powerful drug for surgery. Since it wears off so quickly Docs don't like to use it. Just don't dread it. Oxy is the dangerous one.

DzooBaby 15 Apr 2013

They are both opioids and they are both Schedule II controlled substances.

hummybird55 16 Apr 2013

thank you so much i thought they were but i wasn't quite sure. thank you again. free discount card

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