I have been on the Fentanyl patches for quite a few years now and have only used the Watson brand (I am prescribed 2 75 mcg/h). I went and picked up my prescription as usual and just opened it and noticed I now have a new brand, but the confusion is the amount of fentanyl in the patches and whether the change is dangerous.
I've never paid attention to much with the patches, I just followed my instructions and talked with my doctors. The Watson brand says on the package that it has 7.5 mg of fentanyl and 0.3mL of alcohol but the new brand Janssen says it has 12.6mg of fentanyl. Since I use two of these patches at once I feel this is a big change in the amount of medicine I am used to and it makes me weary, but I'm not sure if the amount contained within it will change anything. I don't know if I am making sense to be honest, since it is the weekend I cannot contact my doctor about this and hoping someone here can help in the meantime.