Fentanyl - I have been on the fentynal patch for almost 4 years at a 100mg. I have a blood disorder... that causes extreme pain leaving us to have to take some kind of narcotic.. If I knew what these patches were going to be like that.. I would have never put that first patch on. I have found a doctor to give me home morphine, which I am so thankful for.. but now I want to get off the patch. They are far to expensive, and they have changed the patch totally.. it's weird and don't like it. I know what the withdrawls are like.. I have tried going to detox going cold-turkey and I have tried weening myself off.. but the doctor did it far to fast changing mgs ever week, which left me putting more patches on to avoid withdrawls.. so I am terrified because I know what those withdrawls are like. The hot flashes, cold sweats, irritated, weak, and those leg aches, that's the thing that scares me the most. I'm not sure what to do, I want off them so bad but I'm terrified, I don't know if I should get me doctor to ween me so slowly, changing mgs maybe every 3 months.. plus take the home morphine as a with-drawl medicine. I know with any drug your going to have some kind of withdrawls but I cannot go threw those again, they are to intense for me. I am only 21 and I have to kids to take care of under the age of 6. I have never heard of anything that you can take to take the fentynal withdrawls away.. I have thought methadone but I don't know how well that works.. I live in Canada, so I don't know all the kinds of pills we have here.. I'm not sure what to do, all I know is I want so badly to be off these things and just take morphine tablets, but I am to terrified of the withdrawls, I just can't do it.. What should I do?