... .I started out on 25fent.upped tp 50 & now 75. I have not been able to tell much difference between the 50 & 75. I have a wonderful PMD & he said we would keep working until I got relief . The low barom. during the storms have really hit me hard . I have Fibro , & 2 yrs. ago was in a horrible accident that tore my spine up at all levels , my knee now pops in & out of joint :PAIN!! & the past few months my shoulders sockets,arms & hands will not function . I keep a sling on during the worst & after a few days of unbarable pain ,using ice , heat , pillows & being in bed I get some relief. I see my PMD this week , but the plan he has me on now is NOT working . I trust this Dr. & don't want to do anything to upset our good relationship, but I am totally baffeled why I am not getting better pain relief w/ 75 fent. Do u think I should ask for a few extra pills oxycodone a day for break thru pain ? I can't sleep & really need a educated anwser . Hope u r alll doing good & PLEASE anwser me asap . Too much suffering & NO insurance & feel that is why any type of surgery has not been done . Thank you & God bless ,janice pookie