... really cant get it to stay on any ideas cant ask my dr my questions and opinions dont seem to matter to him and thats scares me because i cant ask him anything i am 43 and have myotonic md am wheel chair bound for the last 7 years have only had one other dr since then but was a clinic so changed dr this one looks and acts like im a druggy i know what works for my body i wanted to stay on the norco i have taken for years i waS ONLY ON 6 A DAY along with a 7.5 at nite and 4 50 mg tramodol for break thru i wanted to cut out the tram and the 7.5 cause it was to much wanted 2 more 10 norco a day making total of 8 and he acted like i was asking for 1000 mgs of oxicontin not sure why so he gave me fentynol 50 patch and wow it works but i feel high and cant get it to stay on HELP