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Fentanyl 75mg if you digest the the gel will it show up in drug test as the same as wearing it?

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DzooBaby 15 Jul 2011


Inactive 15 Jul 2011

If this pers s tlking about the patch, do they know how dangerous it is to do that!

DzooBaby 15 Jul 2011

Sucking the gel out of a patch or eating the patch is a good way to poison oneself! That is for sure! Fentanyl is an extremely potent medication. It is about 8 times stronger than morphine. Eating a whole patch that is meant to go into a person over 2-3 days is certainly inviting an overdose!

Inactive 15 Jul 2011

The keys on my computer are wearing out, if I don't hit them hard they look like I can't spell. I know the patch is suppose to stay on 72 hrs, isn't that right? I can not even start to wonder why someone would do that. I know they do, I don't want to sound harsh or mean, but to me thats just a death wish, to be blunt.

caringsonbj 15 Jul 2011

not logical thinking, I mean this with utmost respect.

Inactive 15 Jul 2011

Well Billy I guess you are nicer than me. I worked hard for 25yrs as a nurse trying to save lives and then it really ticks me off when people do something like this. I saw people beg for their life and not becuse they had done something stupid! Watched a 12yr old die, docs could not do one thing!!! it was to late and it was not because he had done anything to try and take his life, held his mom and her begging to not let her baby die. This is why I'm a basket case today! Von

caringsonbj 16 Jul 2011

what you said was the truth! anyone that can't cope with that has a serious problem, Life is a precious Gift---

Inactive 16 Jul 2011

Billy, thank you. V free discount card

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