I was advised to start a new thread so here goes.
I have been on a fentanyl patch since my operation in November. I had all the metal removed from my back (that was put there to correct my DJD/DDD0 over 5 years ago) and I many problems with the metal. The doctor advised removing the metal and my family doctor advised the fentanyl patch for the pain I had been experiencing. Now it is March and MOST but not all of the pain has subsided. I think I can take oral medication for pain BUT I wanted to get off the patch. The doctor who recommended the patch dosed me down from 50mcg to 25mcg which I started in January. Now I called him to see if I could get off the patch and I tried cold turkey. I went 4 days without the patch but the 5th day was hell. My doctor says that is the 'trade off' with pain medication. He advised that he could give me Librium to help with the withdrawal but do I really want to go from one addiction to another? I change the patch ever 4 days now but can't seem to get advise on how to get off the patch. My pain management doctor who did not prescribe the patch was not very helpful. I am doing research on another pain management doctor. I have cut down on all my pain medication and only take it as needed.
The withdrawal is horrible. On day five, everything kicks in, the anxiety, restlessness, back pain (that is really bad... why?) and more. Why is the back pain so severe? I have a lot of questions...
Any advise here?