I have researched the web and all I get is stupid answers, nothing except rehab. Yes, you can wean yourself off the patch but in my situation, my pharmacy only carries the 25mcg and nothing lower. I was on 50mcg and after seeing what the fentanyl did to my digestive tract and pancreas, it scared the hell out of me and I went cold turkey only out of fear of what this medication was taking control of. I was down to 108 pounds and had no idea of how sick I looked. All my doctors could do was give me breakthrough pain medication which only compounded the intestinal problems I was having. I went to several GI doctors who told me to get off the patch, it was having a reaction to my system.
I did what I had to do to survive but there was no help from the medical community and this is wrong! More drugs do not help the body wean off the drugs, all they do is cloud the mind until YOU can take control of what is happening to your body due to what these drugs do to the mind and NOT THE PAIN CONTROL.
There should be MORE support out there from the medical community in helping cope with the reality of what this medication does to the mind and the control it takes away from how to live.