I am a 50 yo female who was dx with MS 3years ago but suspect I have had it for 10years. Prior to my latest relapse I was running 1/2 marathons, biking and lifting weights 2x/week. I am a competitive runner and ran with a running team doing track workouts. My goal was to place in the top 3 in age group.No matter how bad I felt, exercise was the key for helping me emotionally and physically. I have been on cytoxan, rebif and IGG infusions. In the summer I started to notice issues with running and an awkward gait. By September had fatigue, weakness and running was minimal. I went on high dose steroids and IGG for 5days with no response. At this point I could only walk steps and symptoms were getting worse I was going to start gilenya last thursday but had abnormal ecg so going for stress test today. I would love to hear from other runners to hear how they did on gilenya. Right now I can only walk 1/2 mile 2x/day with fatigue, numbness and weakness and dizziness.I have never had a relapse this bad and would also love to hear from others and how long it took them to recover. This is my 5thweek out of work.