the side effects were too great to bear. My psychiatrist told me I would not feel any ill effects by stopping the medication but I still feel so sick. Or is it the 2mg of Xanax three times per day that could also be adding to my panic disorder? I have posted the question prior regarding amytriptiline with a helpful response but now I am concerned that the Xanax dose is too high. She spends very little time with me and I cannot tolerate SSRIs. She always wants me to try a "new drug" and I am afraid as I have had horrible side effects to these meds. I am going through divorce and I believe the panic has increased ten-fold. I do not sleep well and if I take Xanax 1mg before bedtime, I am up 4-5 hours later. Please help. I love my psychiatrist but I live alone and she doesn't understand that the SSRIs cause increased panic. I am petrified and I think the high dose of Xanax is causing my heart rate at a constant 85. Also, she has given me ambien 12.5 mg extended release but I am to afraid to take this med as I have nocturnal panic attacks and the combination of both scare me.