I thought I'd let everybody know about yesterday, I fell in the bathroon, at our house I was putting toliet paper under the sink, Chuck my husband was in the shower at the time, well I was hurrying to get everything out of the way, I ended to fall OMG it hurt like you know what. I it seems that I twisted my foot... I forget how it happen all I know I hurt my foot real bad. Chuck knew right off I had broke my foot... he was right. I fractured (aka broke) my foot in two different. So, I'm in a cast I'll have it on 4-6 weeks.

I had a appt with an Orthopediac (wrong spelling) today he said my right foot is swollen he put a wrap around on top of my foot and around my ankle he put a shoelike to stable my foot but I still can't put weight on my foot he said wait a couple days until you walk, I'm going to wait until next week to do it.

My husband him taking care of me. We talked about the situation, I said you can't do everything for me it is enough for him since he suffers from heart disease COPD. I called the company where these aides work for me. I need an aide to take care of me more tethhan 3 x a week. The case manager asked me if I needed 7 days a week I replied yes. Hopefully things work out.

I hope and pray that everything goes through to where I get the care I need.