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I fell on my ankle and am in severe pain, what pain medication can I take?

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LaurieShay 22 Dec 2012

Any number of options depending on whether you are taking any other medications at this time. You can probably take ibuprofen until you get to the ER and have it x-rayed or an MRI done if necessary. They can give you the appropriate pain medication and recommend the necessary course of action depending on what you have actually done to the ankle.

Inactive 22 Dec 2012

I agree with Laurie. Ruthie :)

smileyhappy 22 Dec 2012

Hi Suzy77,

Start with Ibuprophen. It is an anti inflamatory. Make sure you can take it and it does not conflict with other medication you are taking.

meyati 23 Dec 2012

Use ice to reduce the swelling almost immediately- that's what they do for football players. You need to see a doctor. The rule is ice the first 24 hours to reduce inflammation, it helps slow down the muscle swelling, after that heat packs. I actually use ice longer, it seems to suit my body better. Also many doctors recommend a combination of hot and cold packs.

endlessPred 24 Dec 2012

FYI. Ice is used for no more than twenty minutes and then you allow the ankle to warm up. You don't want frost bite. Repeat again later.

Second keep it elevated. If lots of bruising it may be a sprain or even a break. If just tender it will be fine in a few days. Heavy bruising means get to the doc.

Doctor is important because they will check severity and show you how to get going again. They will show you how to wrap it so you can get around. Good luck and hope your holidays are bright.

sara12345 24 Dec 2012

If your pain is severe I would be concerned that you may have broken something. But if not, when I fall on my ankle with instant severe pain, right away I press into exactly where it hurts. It relieves the pain. Then periodically I will press into the same spot again which again relieves the pain. It seems counterintuitive, but it works. free discount card

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