One day my left achilles heel hurt, woke up the next day with both feet swollen, red, and painful. No injury's except 2 yrs ago got hit front end of car smashed my feet and legs back..went to ER, had x-rays , said i was fine.had to do physical therapy, but knee will never be the same my left foot hurt for couple weeks but got better..wondering it its a late reaction to car accident. Also, the week before my Achillel heel started hurting, i was taking Cipro for bladder infection. i google what meds could cause red swelling ankles and Cipro was being investigated because of several cases of painfull swelling of ankles
i read that cipro can cause achilles heels to burst and the feds were looking into it.Ive tested negative for lyme, lupus, Rhumatoid
arthritis and dont have high levels of uric acid. Ive taken prozac/xanax for 13 years for generalized anxiety disorder with no prob. over last year and a half.ive lost over 50 lbs on purpose. down to 120. malnourishment? Now the my hands are red and my feet are darn near purple. am i crazy?