i did some reserch today,it seems that this could go on 4 a month.i dont think im gonna make it a month,as soon as i heard that i broke down and called my doc friend with the hookup thinking ,couple pills to get me threw .i know it was a bad idea but whatever it dosnt matter because he said the suboxone wont let me feel it most likley though he admits he dosnt know much about the drug im kinda freeking out and jumping out of my skin i had know idea what i was getting into and now im supose to do this for a fkn month?theres gotta be somthing i can do or im gonna break and take more of this crap,im not rich so i cant afford to go do the rappid detox while u sleep thing ,god dam 10 grand+ and thats if i wanna fly to michegan the 1 here is 19 grand i thought being on drugs was expensive.anyway im rambling but i would truley apreciate any help on what i can do if anything ,thanks