I have tried six different antidepressants and four different mood stabilizers. The first five ADs and the first three mood stabilizers gave me plenty of side effects, but didn't affect my depression in any way, neither for better or worse. The sixth AD however, Cymbalta, made me feel more depressed when I started taking it, and also with every dosage increase. But it turned out to be the AD that finally made me feel better, in the long run.

I am now titrating the fourth mood stabilizer, Lamictal, and this drug is also making me feel worse with every increase. It hasn't made me feel better yet, but I am still on a low dose, 75mg.

So, my question to you all is - what has been your experience? Has the drug that worked for you made you feel worse in the beginning? Or have you felt more depressed because of a drug without it making you feel better in the long run?

Is it a sign that the drug will work for you if it makes your depression worse in the beginning?