Been on it for 6 years. Originally took it for 2 years with Effexor. Withdrew from the Effexor with Doctors help (It was a bear!)but he wanted to leave me on the clonazepam. Orig dose was .5 mg every morning. Then he changed it to .5 in the morning and .5 at bedtime. I did fine for about 3 years. Now I feel like a junkie! I walk around with flushed face and a headache every time I take the pill. I have no trouble sleeping at night. It's just my waking hours.I have started seeing a Therapist to help me learn to fight anxiety so I can withdraw from it soon, but have not started the withdraw yet. So why is my body acting like I have already started? My MD wants to raise the dosage and see if it helps..BUT, I dont want to keep taking this benzo the rest of my life, continually having the raise the dose after this occurs next time and the next time. Any thoughts?