Hi, This all started 7 months ago where I suddenly passed out twice and had a seizure. I was unconscious for 5 minutes. I was rushed to the hospital but all tests came back ok. I was check for Iron deficiency because I had symptoms and I had anemia when I was younger but they said that everything was fine but that I had low blood pressure. Since then I had another seizure and passed out twice (all at different times). I have no history of this happening, but I do get sick very easily, I feel more than what should be normal and I have constant migraines and terrible sinus pressure all the time which has caused me to see flashing lights in the corners of my eyes (like a camera flash). I usually feel shaky, and I have always had a sickly pale skin tone. Also I feel like not being able to get enough air, and I loose my breath quite often.

Now I still have the same symptoms and I'm feeling lightheaded, nauseous, and dizzy everyday, what could be the cause of these symptoms?