How do you cope with the feelings of being totally useless? I spend most of my days sitting on a couch watching tv, reading or browsing the internet because I am always so tired from getting so little sleep due to the pain. I do get some exercise, I have a little dog which I take around the block 3x a day, so I am walking for about 1/2 an hour in total or more every day. I look at the housework needing to be done and have no energy to do it, and then end up feeling guilty because it's not done when my husband gets home. He says he loves me anyway, but still... We are eating a lot more prepackaged food these days which is not nutritionally the best, but I go to the kitchen, look at the food in the fridge, and just want to lie down again. I've had fibro for 16 years and have only been this bad for the past year.