Since I was a teenager, I felt depressed and tired all the time. Once I reached my twenties my symtoms continued to get worse. I'd get bouts of abdominal pain. My hair falls out. Weight gain. Fatigue. Anytime I get up and do anything active, like working out or mowing the lawn, after an hour I feel as if I need to lay down. I am sick a lot and I have colds for months not weeks. I 've seen several doctors, they basically tell me it's in my head and just depression. They 've ran a cbc and thyroid work up all normal.
I stopped mentioning they symptoms I just got some treatments for depression for a year which didn't help, Including counciling. I've been sick all winter. I had about six Weeks this spring I wasn't sick. I've had this cold for over a month. I am exhausted and emotional. I hate doctors because they make me feel worse not better. They only good medicine I have is my three year old son.

Any recommendations ?