I've been on ocella / syeda birth control pills for about two years now (December 2013) and have always taken my pills fairly consistently everyday. After I had tried to skip placebo pills in May, this year, I had breakthrough bleeding for the rest of the pack til it went back to normal in June on the start of my new pack. I have been extremely consistent since then, taking it everyday at 10 am, because I do not want to undergo spotting. I had a normal period in June and July. I had gotten tested for pregnancy and STDS on July 8th because I have been having sex with my partner without a condom since the start of May (this has been going on every few months, he is the only person I don't use a condom with), all of which was negative. We have had sex 4 more times since after my testing. The last time was July 20th. A few days after sex, I have had tender breasts, increased vaginal discharge, and cramps/stomach fluttering. This is two weeks before my upcoming period during placebo week. I usually have cramps and somewhat sore breasts at the end of my placebo week, then I get my period. Right now I have 4 days of pills left until my placebo week with these symptoms. I'm confused and don't understand why or how that I might be pregnant if I have taken my pills every single at the same time. I got tested today (July 29) at the clinic for pregnancy, which came out negative. Why are these symptoms so severe/earlier than usual and was it too early to tell if I'm pregnant?