I have been on the pill for over 6 months now. Sometimes my boyfriend " finishes" inside me because he likes it but this time he didn't finish all the way inside me( if you get what i mean, sorry if that's TMI). but its always after i have been on my pill pack for more than 7 days. My period is supposed to come the day after tomorrow. I am an equestrian and I didn't wear a sports bra to practice so my boobs are sore from that but I have been feeling a little bloated. Also if I drink tea or coffee i tend to pee more during the day. I guess in the back of my head I am always a little worried that my pills didn't work. we have had worse situations where he has finished completely inside me and I was safe. Is what I'm feeling normal for expecting my period in a day? my body is a little weird so some periods are different feeling wise than others.