I started taking 20mg xr on Saturday and it is now Tuesday. By 2pm each day I've been feeling panicked, agitated, like waves of "all good" and then a low wave of awful. It goes up and down so today I went to the doctor that was available at my doctor's office explaining and he ended up giving me 5mg more to take after lunch. I then went to fill my prescription and it wouldn't be ready for an hour so I started to slightly panic and then I opened up one of my capsules and ate some of the beads. I feel weird. In the morning though I feel GREAT but then I feel a twang of awful. Opening the capsule made me feel like a fiend or something. In the afternoon I seem to be urinating A LOT... seems like every 10 minutes. Honestly? I don't know what to do. I really enjoy all that I accomplish when I'm feeling good and I've been so patient and calm but I hate that feeling that comes along. Should I try something else? Also, trying to sleep is difficult obviously too but I do not want to be doped up constantly. I just want to be calm cool and collected with NO feelings of apathy, anxiety, panic, sadness, stress, paranoia, etc. I can deal with the sleep thing(melatonin helps) but the other stuff scares me to the point of I didn't even go to work today because I was too afraid of humiliating myself and acting noticeably different in a negative way. Seriously, I need some opinions and advice! Thanks for listening.