For the past couple of weeks, more of them than not I've been waking up to a really bad taste in my mouth and a nauseous feeling in my stomach. It makes me not want to eat anything in the morning before work. (Which isn't good because I work outside in the hot sun) Then, while at work, I don't want to eat because it usually makes me feel even more nauseous. I haven't thrown up (I am terrified about throwing up) Any idea what's causing it? I'm not pregnant. My usual schedule is coming home at 11:30pm from work, eating then going to bed. Could it be that I'm not letting my body digest the food before I go to sleep? Could it be because I'm dehydrated from working outside? Or could it be stress induced? I am balancing 2 jobs, 2 online classes, and living by myself for the first time since my boyfriend had home for the summer. When I'm with my friends the feeling usually goes away. It's mostly when I'm alone or constantly thinking about it. (And I'm not the best and being alone. I have anxiety) Help! I have hypochondria... (fear and over exaggeration on small symptoms