Hi all so i went last weds to a pain management place and to my surprise they did nothing for me except refer me back to my PCP. They agreed that i have fibro and arthritis and that im in rough shape ... but still did nothing except give me papers to read and a list of groups to join. I am at my wits end here . My quality of life gets worse i feel like by the month and my children are so sick of my issues laying me up. I feel like all these Doctors ive seen (Nuerology , Rhuematology , two PCP's and a pain managment DR.) are all playing ping pong with me . The pain management Dr said she had a few meds in mind to recommend to my PCP Savella and Lyrica but that she wanted to her to treat me . My PCP sent me to This Pain management place because she said she didn't know a great deal about fibro or the meds and she wanted them to follow me. I am in pure dismay. I have never felt more alone . My pain is out of control and NO ONE is hearing me. Can any one on here give me any advice ? I am losing patience .P.S i have already done diet changes and i force myself t keep moving regaurdless of my pain I have five children I don't have much choice , I would love to live my life more actively and not be in tears everyday because my pain is unbearable so that i can perhaps enjoy life instead of dreading getting up and dealing with the many demands of raising my family.