ok so i dont know if the hypocondriac in me is comming out, but my last dose of percocet was at 130 pm, then i had a panic attack at 4pm, took 1mg xanax, fell asleep, and got up hot, sweaty, and thinking im od ing. gosh im so warped at times. but mind you my bedroom door was closed, and i was covered with a comfortor, duh!!! please someone please tell me that i wont go thru this the rest of my life. daily, i take no more then 130 mgs of percocet 10/325, and 1 mg xanax. is that overdosing myself? also im stuck at this dam 130 mgs of percocet, so scared shitless to cut out just 2.5 out of a days dosing. what the heck? thanks, leanne