Jan I was taking 40mg 4 times a day. 1mil=20mg so I was, taking 2mls at a time with doctors recommendation . 2yrs ago it was a little higher and even I admit I was over medicated. Down to the January dose for over 3 yrs. Pain clinic closed and I followed the only doctor who was accepting patients. Better than shopping for a new one, even tho I had never used her, she was partners with my pain doc. Been with her at new clinic for 11/2 yr. She told me I needed to cut back, but, keep giving me rxs to support 40mgs 4 times daily. I go in for Feb appt and she announces the CDC and FDA are setting limits on how much she can write for; indicating she could lose license if she didn't cut me back.
Promised to do it slowly so I could adjust easier and not go into w/drawals. Feb and March rxs were reduced to 7 mls a day, as opposed to the previous 8. To be honest, I didn't miss the 20mg daily until about 2 weeks ago. My legs are hurting bad. Mainly up the back of them with the calves being the worst.. I've tried rubbing it out but that only last a precious few minutes and my hand gets too tired to go on. Now it is time for April meds. She told me that 2 months was her being generous and April rxs due tomorrow are for a max of 6mls a day. I will take that for 2 months and then we'll go down to 5 mls a day. That is 60mgs a day less than January. This reduction is not b/c I am any better, but b/c new rules and regulations.. I'll be at 100mgs a day, almost half of what I am used to. I am so worried that the additional pain is going to hold me down more than I already am. Leaving the house is a big deal b/c I am so worn out all the time and in pain all the time,just different levels of pain. I know there is nothing I can do to change things, but, how can total strangers determine how much medicine I can take. People who abuse the system have got us in this mess, but we are the ones paying. I need help staying strong thru this process. Any suggestions,ideas,etc will be helpful. Trying to hang in there, ChelleKay