Second week I felt OK but the 3rd week I was getting depressed and felt stoned just disconnected not myself . I was on a low dose of Valium for about 9+ years never had any problems then at the end of November I had a bad panic attack at work then I panicked and felt the Valium was not working anymore so that's when the kpin come in to Play so it was not for me at least at that dose so doctor put me on 3 MG a day of Xanax it only works for a few hours she said she wanted to get the Kpin out my system so then came the hell I have lost 13pounds two weeks and have had bad anxiety no sleep just feeling awful don't like driving our going anywhere what the hell went wrong? Should I go back to Valium it has been the only thing that has ever really worked when it was working I am a very outgoing person great with people but now I am a basket case? Help anyone suggestions