Ok to sum things up shortly. Went from pills to H to methadone to suboxone. And now I am tryin to get off everything. I was on the methadone for 2yrs. And tried to get off a few times. And would be ok for a day and then the WD's would start and just get worse and worse til I started my methadone again. So I talked to some people and they said that suboxone would help. So I traded my methadone for the sub. I was on the sub for 4 days and so i have been tryin to get off that now for about 3 days. And the 1st 24hrs I was relieved and thought that everything would be fine. Until the next night and then I couldn't sleep, was in pain, I couldn't sit still even though I wanted to, had to go to the bathroom constanly, it was the same thing as getting off anything else. I couldnt stand it. So even though I felt guilty and stupid I took a pill. But a lower dose. Anyway did the lower dose for a couple days. And tried getting off again the night before. And the same crap happened. I want to be off so bad but i cant stand the WD's. Is there anything that can help??? I want to do this so bad not only for myself but to better my life for my kids. I am no good to anyone sick and feelin miserable. Dont know what to do anymore besides cry. I would greatly appreciate any advice. Just feelin really down and hopeless right now.