Hello everyone. I'm Kelly, I'm 29 years old and have been on Zoloft since I was in 8th grade. Over those years I've missed doses of my Zoloft and know what it's like to withdraw from it. So why am I now feeling like I've been withdrawing from it randomly almost everyday for the past few years!? When I say withdraw I feel like my eyes feel weird, they move by themselves for a second, my heart skips a beat, my face gets a little numb-ish feeling, I become very sweaty and a little nauseous. I also can't exert too much energy or it makes this even worse.
I did (with the help of my doctor) go down from 150mg of Zoloft to 25mg Zoloft over the course of 6 months 3 years ago. But ended up going back up to 150mg because of such terrible anxiety and panic attacks.
I should add that I have Lyme Disease and co-infections.
Does anyone feel this way at all? I feel like I'm going crazy! Please help!! Thank you, Kelly