still in my life have no concept or even no interest on how my chronic anxiety disorder is so DEBILITATING that I can barely function. I am disabled from degenerative arthritis which greatly adds to my anxiety, not being able to protect myself from harm from another person or just from a fall which very recently resulted in a hip fracture. The only medication which offers limited relief was my prescribed Clonazapam 2mg which I have taken for many years. The doctor attending to me in the hospital, knowing absolutely nothing of my history blamed my fall on drowsiness caused by my Clonazapam, not the true reason that my right hip gave out, which is not out of the ordinary. This ER doctor led my GP to believe the Clonazapam was the reason I fell and during my follow up visit to my GP I was told she was decreasing the mg's gradually until I would no longer be prescribed it and in its place be put on an antidepressant which also helped with mild anxiety.
I now dread everyday knowing how I am to suffer mentally.
I would be so grateful and appreciative to hear from anyone who's life is or was controlled by their chronic anxiety disorder and/or panic attacks. Thank you