I have fatigue, i cannot stop sleeping no matter how good i sleep during the night. i have nausea during the morning and evening... this morning i went to ear breakfast and almost vomitted. in the morning lately when i eat breakfast i feel like vomitting and i end up doing poo straight after i eat my stomach wont keep anything in. I also have a loss of appetite i just dont feel like eating anything as i always feel sick. i also have a headache practically every day i wake up with them and i have cold symptoms (stuffy nose, a little bit of sore throat). i have intense dreams that make me wake up sweating really badly, and i have lower abdominal cramping it feels like period pain but its not because im on the pill (doesnt make sense to me?). Also this morning i went to the toilet and had clear-light yellow vaginal discharge which is weird because my normal discharge colour is usually white when my vagina is cleaning itself out. can anyone tell me what it could be? its really frustrating and i feel very ill.