i havent excercised in a long time , but when i did , i noticed my left side of my body would feel twice the burn then my right side. not only my legs but my abdominal area..also i always know when im ovulating because i can feel some discomfort where my left ovary would be... NEVER my right side... but that was that, i didnt think anything except maybe i only have one functioning ovary? other then that i didnt think much of it until recently ..i was recently pregnant but i only made it to 5 weeks :( , but during those 5 weeks i had sore breast ..well ONE sore breast & that was my left breast .& the entire time i only felt pain where my left ovary would be ... & about a year back i went to the E.R b/cuz of severe pain on my left side of my head & ear ..they ran some x rays & found that it was due to all 4 of my wisdom teeth growing in the wrong directions... but why didnt i feel it on my right side... i recently put 2 & 2 together & figured there might be something wrong ..i really dont know if theres something wrong with my left ? or with my right side? does my left feel TOO much pain or does my right feel too little ? i was wondering if anyone has every gone through this? also when i get headaches i only feel them one the right side of my head