I have been recently diagnosed with Hashimotos and have been on Armour Thyroid for 2 months now. I started with 30mg, then 60 and now I have 60 for 4 days (t-t-s-s) and 90 for 3 days (m-w-f). The increase starting today. He said because of the Hashimotos I have to go slow with my increases. When will I feel better?? My dr. says I should feel so much better, but I don't. I have days that are good then the bad days are bk. One of the blood test that determined my Hashimotos he said, showed a level of 634 and it was to be 35 or lower for normal. What kind of test would that have been? I have felt so bad for most of my adult life and been treated for depression for20 years (am 55 now) I am excited to think the second half of my life i might feel somewhat normal. Also my Hormones are all extremely low. He doesnt want to treat that till he gets the thyroid somewhat under control. does any of this sound normal?