why do I feel better at night then the day with Anxiety and Depression, it's much lower at night, just feel lonely at night. Yes I would like someone there to spend the night, but I dont. Guess I need someone around day and night... guess its part of anxiety and depression. Going to try lexapro with buspar XL thats helps with side effects of lexapro. Does anyone know if this will work well? And is lexapro a good product ? And how long will it take to feel better? Im hoping it will. I have read it does well but that was just a few comments on the subject of lexapro and buspar xl. Now with that information what does anyone think, lease reply okay? I am 59 years old and have dealt with anxiety and depression a couple of times before, but never like this. I was hoping to find information on the subject of anxiety and depresion as much as possible.Please feel free to get me as much information as you can. Very tired of living with this and I have tried paxil at first and it worked for a while but I picked up a tolerance and it stopped working. So now going to try leaxapro and Buspar xl to deal with side effects of lexapro. If this does not work the only thing I know to do is check myself into a hospital that deals with anxiety and depression. I dont drink alcohol or do drugs either, if one is wondering. If anyone has suggestions feel free to state okay?