So for the past year I've been going down hill. I've started having panic attacks, anxiety even at home. If I leave the house my heart races and I tell myself it's ok you will be ok but my mind kicks in and says hurry up get back home. I can't even go to dr appts, I get scared and the waiting to be seen by the dr seems like forever. I don't know why all this has happened to me and why nothing seems to help. I'm tired of being a couch potato but I try and fail every time. I don't see my friends or family. I feel isolated. I feel like I can feel my mind slipping away even though I know everything that's going on. I'm anxious all the time. I've been on valium for 9 months and it doesn't help the anxiety at all just prescribed for meiners. Tried zoloft starting having visual disturbances at 12.5mg. I take 7.5 mg of valium twice a day I'm thinking I may need to up the dosage after all these months. I'm at my wits end. I've lost everything do to being injured on the job 2 years ago and I'm losing my car come jan. I've posted on here numerous times because this is where I feel like I get the most help. My spouse and I separated 6 months ago and I'm still dealing with that. Is there a way to get past all this? I honestly feel like I can't take much more. I've tried talking to a therapist who just wants me on meds. Idk what to do anymore. Christmas is coming up and this will be the first time I will be all alone. Feeling lost and depressed and losing my mind. Any suggestions would help.