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Hi I do not feel hungry. Please suggest me medicines for increasing appetite?

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Jennygarth 11 Aug 2013

I will be 100 percent honest with you, with cancer patients they prescribe medical marijuana and believe me it will help u get an appetite! What state do u live in? Are u depressed or having personal or family problems? Do u have problems with ur weight and are u unhappy with the way u look or just dnt have an appetite and ur not eating? I'm confused? I want to help, I have lost 39 pounds in 3 months and didn't choose too because of stress of a new job. Are u drinking energy drinks or anything or taking stuff to boost metabolism, cause if so stop the caffeine and energy drinks and this will help get ur appetite back. There's alot of stuff to help surprise appetite u may not even know ur taking??? But yes medical marijuana helps better then any medicine to give u an appetite! Cancer patients take to help with nausea cause of the kemo And also helps with giving them appetite to eat!

sameerbhagtani 15 Aug 2013

Hii have problem with my weight... i am underweight.. and i am unhappy with the way i look. Please help me

Colleen Muhammad 5 Oct 2018

I'm looking for something my self I can't keep losing ,someone help us

SAHIL95 14 Aug 2017

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