I won't name hospitals or Doctors names. I had a heart attack Oct. 2 was admitted to what i thought was a good hospital. The cardiologist did keep me alive with an irregular heartbeat. He did a cardiogram and confirmed I had blockage but did nothing about it. He did preach to me about my lifestyle of drinking beer and smoking. He then had a cardiology surgeon examine me to have bypass surgery. He said my blood platelet level was too low from drinking to do surgery. He had a blood expert look at my blood. He said it was it was between 8000 and 9000 and fine to have surgery. He then said there was too much calcium build up to do surgery. After 7 days they shocked my heart back into rythem and sent me home the same day to follow up with a heart doctor closer to home in 2 weeks. I saw him for about 2 minutes. His nurse did an ekg and he prescribed me Isosrbide mono er 30 mg and said to come back and see him in 3 months. I had a friend that had just had 3 stints put in and is doing great. I ask him who this doctor was and made an appt. with him. He scheduled me an apt. 2 days later for an angioplasty. He did two of these an put 4 stints in and cleaned out two other arteries. I believe this man saved my life. My question is: What should be done about a hospital and two cardiologist that I believe are endangering peoples lives. I also learned that the two Doctors were not in my insurance network also.