The friend widget is gone missing, where I can't make friends anymore. Am I the only person restricted? I don't sell anything-I don't spam, I seldom use FB, if I'm unhappy with a person-I ignore them-don't get into any arguments. I did block one person that seemed to want to argue with me-telling me that I was wrong, etc. Everybody has their own opinion-maybe this person didn't feel well, maybe I wasn't doing too well at that time, so I got irritated. Someone said she got a notice from DC that she posted too often. I haven't received any notices-sometimes I just don't post for weeks, as I don't know what people are talking about. What's puzzling is that I post on AMA sites and doctors talk to me about my opinions. I had one about how staff "burn out" in the ER effects patients, hepititus rates in immigrants, and another about statins. Today a pathologist sent me a link to his site that has pics of biopsies of healthy muscle tissue and a biopsy of statin poisoned muscle tissue, so I could see what was happening to my muscles I actually get some positive feedback and the doctors discuss my opinions once in a while-and here my posts about teething biscuits for a baby were blocked. I don't get it. There are many things I don't understand, but I do understand babies that suffer great pain from teething problems.