I have been on adderall IR (generic 30mg) for over 8 years and never had a pill that wasn't "orange," well except core which are pink. I've always either been prescribed teva,Barr,sandoz or core and like them all.Now my pharmacist without saying anytging after 8 years, is giving me pos mallinckrodtph 30mg IR ( I think they are IR at least). The white octagonal ones which suck by the way. I called pharmacy and asked, they said that's bc what was delivered.I hate them.they don't work!! On top of it, I asked why does it say to take 2 1/2 tablets by mouth every morning if they are IR? woman on phone said those are directions. I said all of my other bottles say daily and told her if they are IR and I take 75mg every morning one time, that is or could be a lethal dose. I know it wouldn't be for me, but if someone just got bumped up to 75mg daily and those were Directions,that could possibly be fatal. Anyway, why the change, why do they suck, are they IR and why does it day once daily!!! Please advise anyone?