Was prescribed 5mg of Lexapro for a week and then upped to 10mg for the past 5 weeks, for mild depression and anxiety and panic attacks. I had vivid dreams for the first week as I adjusted but no other side effects. 2 weeks in I became even more emotionally unstable than usual, having longer lasting and more intense panic attacks that were always accompanied by uncontrollable crying fits. Afterwards I felt extremely down and depressed for a number of days. My paranoid thoughts have somewhat been reduced (I always was convienced my family and friends hated me and I wasn't good enough for anyone etc.) I have extremely low confidence despite all the love and support I get from friends and others. Recently in the past two weeks (3 weeks into 10mg lexapro) I have felt hopeless, down and cry all day. It is getting embarassing as I break down in college and work and it just is not sociably acceptable. My panic attacks cause me physcial pain in my chest and I feel like i am going crazy. I feel worse and more anxious now than i did before i started lexapro. I also loose my temper easily and get angry at those around me, then tearful. Should I up my medication or switch to a different one? Or is it worthwhile still trying to wait it out and maybe i will be ablee to be happy